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Plan B

I wonder if you knew that song was about you.

I bet you don’t.

If you were to listen to it, what would your response be?

I know you creep on my social media.

I also know that you ask your friends about me.

It’s flattering and sad.

After all those years of thinking I was obsessed with you.

Now the truth comes out.

Did I have a crush on you forever? Yes.

Was it over the minute you dated my friends? Yes.

It was really over the moment I met someone else.

He talked me out of liking you.

All through high school, I liked other guys.

You were like a fallback.

Someone I knew liked me, and I could get you to flirt with me.

I would go on other adventures, but knew you were still waiting.

I bet you’re still waiting.

You saw me at the restaurant.

I didn’t look at you, but you kept looking at me.


Did you expect me to run up to you?

Did you expect me to obsess over you like a shiny toy?

I’m not crazy. 

I’m not a stalker.

I’m not obsessed with you.

Honestly, it pissed me off.

The way you expect me to run to you.

The things you probably say about me.

You piss me off.

How do you like me now?

Now that I’ve picked up all my broken pieces.

Now that you know you weren’t the only one.

Now that you know I still talk to other guys.

Now that you know I don’t like you.

Now that we aren’t even friends.

Now that I don’t care.

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