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I've Met A Soulmate

I've Met A Soulmate


They say that a person can have many soulmates.

These are people that you come across that are supposed to be with you.

Even if they are only there for a short time.

They teach you lessons.

They understand you.

The connection is unexplainable.

I can say that I’ve met one.

We never ended up in a romantic relationship.

However, I did develop feelings for them.

I don’t know how they felt about anything, but I can remember certain things clearly.

Like when I first saw them.

They walked through the door with their friends.

It was like slow motion.

I got lost in thought thinking about them.

We talked and ended up having this sort of back and forth.

Always competing with one another.

Always making each other smile.

Always getting into trouble.

They provided this escape from everyone else.

We would drive around late at night.

We would sing in the car with the windows down.

We went to a theme park once.

They kept me from me.

I could express myself freely with them.

There was no judgment.

As suddenly as they came in, they left.

I protested.

But, there was nothing more to be gained.

They had served their purpose.

Taught me to rebel.

Taught me to find myself again.

Taught me that I had to keep fighting.

I wouldn’t realize it until years later.

They did their job well.

They helped me prepare for what is to come.

I don’t know if I’ll meet another like that.

But what about the one?

I know they exist and that they're coming.

When will that happen?

How will I know?

I guess I’ll have to stick around and find out.