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I Hate You

You don’t understand how much I hate you. Every time I think of certain things, there you are. Top of my mind. I wish we never met. Losing you wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Obviously, you couldn’t stand the thought of being my person. Villains always lose the final battle. Even though you cured me, you made me weak. You came up in my thoughts while I was talking to someone new. Odd to think that the simple thought of you can silence me. Understand, that it’s not you, I just romanticized everything in my mind. I took what you were to me, and wrote you into a knight in shining armor. Man. I was wrong. I am stuck in limbo because there is unfinished business. There is so much I didn’t say. So much that I didn’t do. Some of it is all because you abandoned me when I showed the slightest signs of healing. You left. Out of the blue, you took off and didn’t come back to me. When you were around, you made me feel pretty. I couldn't see the ugliness that was the world. I see it in me now. Cures seem pointless. Why get better? Of all people, you would understand. Many people never got me, but you always did. Even then, you could see how amazing I was. Because partners in crime just know. Anyways, what does that even mean? Crime, life, it's all the same. Isn’t it? Knowing what we could have been, and all the things you should have said? That’s a crime. To say it was all in my head is an understatement. You're nothing compared to the person in my head. Meeting you was the best, and worst thing to ever happen. Ever since that realization, I have hated you.

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