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Cover of “Missing You” by All Time Low


Title: Cover of “Missing You” by All Time Low

Favorite Line:

“With so much left to do, you’ll be missing out, and we’ll be missing you.”

Why I Like It:

I cry when I listen to this song. The topic it covers is one that I am sensitive to. I’m speaking from personal experience with myself and friends. There are coping mechanisms that I did to keep myself going when I found it hard. At first, it was to list off all the things I’m grateful for. Then, it was to do the things I needed to do, even if I was on autopilot. Finally, I would end the day watching something funny. These past couple of days, I’ve felt very off. When someone asked how I was doing, it took everything in me to keep myself composed. But, I always remember songs like this. I’m not alone, and there are at least ten people I know would miss me. I’ve gotta keep holding on until I reach my goal.

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What do you want to say “F*** OFF” to?





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