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Updated Cover of “Next To You” by Peacekeeper


Updated Cover of “Next To You” by Peacekeeper

Title: Cover of “Next To You” by Peacekeeper

Favorite Line:

“But I want you to break it to show me that we can make it.”

Why I Like It:

This song is one I heard while I was driving to my school. I had a class that started around 6:30, so I was usually driving during golden hour. I would take this back way, that wove through a bit of the countryside. It was one lane going each way. I would listen to this song while driving to my class. I remember one time I saw a few deer snacking on some grass while sitting at a light. There were quite a few places with cows, and they didn’t quite blend in with the longhorns. I also would drive by a horse sanctuary and a farm that had two llamas. The horse sanctuary would put little sweaters/blankets on them in the winter. The llamas would always be lying down with their heads straight up. It looked like they didn’t have legs. But, I found out, they are like donkeys/mules. They help protect livestock from coyotes and other predators. #themoreyouknow

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What/Who do you want next to you?

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