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Cover of “Misery” by the Maine


Favorite Line:

“Tell me what do you see, when you’re looking at me?”

Why I Like It:

This is a very pretty song. I love this song and “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu” by the Maine. When I first heard this song, I felt it. I knew how it felt to feel like you are the problem in your own life. Also, not wanting to do anything to change your life. There was a time where I was content in my own misery. But, I soon grew to realize that wasn’t what I wanted. I had always wanted more but was afraid of rejection and failure. I guess that’s why I started posting anonymously? I gig and do stuff in real life too, but this just provided me a safe space to share whatever I wanted.

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Comment Topic:

What’s the cause of your misery?





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