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A Bit of Bucket List

1. Visit Paris, and see all the monuments. This includes the Eiffel Tour, Notre Dame, etc.

2. Stick my toe in every ocean.

3. Preform my own song live.

4. Go see a musical on Broadway.

5. Write a book.

6. Live on the beach for at least a month.

7. See the ball drop at Times Square on New Year's Eve in NYC.

8. Adopt a Great Dane and name him Scooby.

9. Go horseback riding.

10. Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

11. Get married on the beach, barefoot.

12. Go to Istres, France, just because.

13. Have the palm my hand read by a psychic.

14. Go to an award show, either as a nominee, or an audience member.

15. Be able to do the splits and all kinds of cool yoga moves.


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