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Journal ASMR Flip Through Feat. Courtney Marie & Cotton Candy Sparrow


A Journal Gift for Me From Cotton Candy Sparrow- Silent ASMR version

My voice teacher whom I have been with for years made me this lovely journal. She designed it to reflect me throughout the entire thing. It's a "junk" journal, but I feel calling it that is wrong. It's a work of art that is super special to me. Especially since she made it to reflect me, which was incredibly difficult but special.

She makes these upon request and charges for her time, art, and dedication.

I will include her info below. She used special materials including self-dyed ribbons using fruits and tea and papers like mulberry paper that are extremely expensive and hard to get. The list goes on. It's not just about having a journal, but I love flipping through it to hear the various sounds, feel the various parts, and smell the different ribbons and such. It's a sensory experience for me, though it sounds strange.

Email her or me to inquire about getting your own for special occasions like weddings, baby showers, honeymoons, birthdays, or any special event. Even if you want one for your travels, like I'm using mine.

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