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He said that he lived in the trees.

He stood strong and didn’t let anyone tear him down.

He also lived in the back of my mind.

He kept me from pulling the trigger.

I wanted to do so many things, but he blocked me.

He refused to see me destroy what so many people had created.

There were many things he could have let me do.

Most would be happy for me.

They would stick a needle in my arm without hesitation.

They would spike my drinks and watch me dance with a smile.

I would tear at my body, and nobody would blink an eye.

He wasn’t like that.

Instead, he took me to see a movie.

I laughed my head off, and we exchanged ridiculous stories.

I had no clue he was hanging by a thread.

His demons were growing bigger, and he refused to let them out.

He didn’t want them getting near me.

There was another there with us.

The storm was the opposite.

He smiled at my failings.

He strung me along, but he would never follow through.

I stood quietly as they both pulled me in different directions.

He was the worst.

It was like he loved seeing me in so much pain.

He smiled with a sparkle in his eye.

All of it was a ploy to keep me in his range.

He loved the attention.

No matter what happened to me, he loved that I was there to cheer him on.

I lost my faith in both of them a long time ago.

I let go, and without hesitation, they scattered.

It wasn’t surprising.

Everything happens for a reason.

I want to show them how good I am now.

How happy I’ve become.

I met someone the other day.

We’ve been talking.

I won’t ask him out, though.

I want to wait and see if he really wants it.

If he really wants me.

Only then will I give him the time of day.

You both taught me that.

Never show weakness, and stand strong.

Let them give you the spotlight, and lead them on.

Maybe then, someone will finally be there for me.

Someone who loves me, and isn’t another part of the storm.

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