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Worst Habits

We're just gonna make a list, because there's a lot.

1) Watching Cartoons and kids shows more than anything.

2) My serious addiction to chocolate and sweet things.

3) Singing at the top of my lungs in the car.

4) Procrastination

5) My need for perfection. (Bad for #4)

6) Wearing t-shirts and shorts/yoga pants all day, everyday.

7) Biting my nails.

8) Taking my shoes off. I don't like wearing shoes, but I love shoes.

9) Drinking lots of coffee. I am not functional before my coffee.

10) My child-like sense of humor.

11) Watching useless videos. (Did you know that the orca is the natural predator for the moose. A moose will swim from island to island, and orcas hunt them.)

12) I usually don't do my hair or make-up.

13) Taking lots of baths and showers. (I Didn't Take A Shower reference)

14) Swatching everything at Sephora, and not washing it off. Then, getting all sparkles and pigments on my clothes.

15) Holding onto the past. ;) (Masquerade reference)


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