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The Good Girl

Everyone wants to paint me out to be that person.

The girl who is pure, sweet, and only makes a few mistakes.

The fact of the matter is, no one knows the truth.

I am the bad guy.

I’ve ruined people’s good times.

There are instances in which I have lied.

Times where I have cheated.

I know that it comes as a surprise.

But, I have also broken hearts.

I am a mean person.

I’ve used my kindness sparingly.

I am no longer in a state of constant happiness.

I learned better.

There was a time when I was always nice

I was good.

Where did that get me?

Lying on the floor, bleeding with no signs of clotting.

Then the day came where I finally realized, I would take no more.

I would no longer sit and smile while knives were being turned in my stomach.

I grit my teeth, and refuse to show signs of weakness.

I’d blink the tears away, and pull the corners of my mouth down.

No one would get the better of me.

I ran into a familiar face I hadn’t seen in a while.

He never talked to me before, but something changed.

He ran off because he thought I was still the good girl.

The one who never did anything wrong.

Boy, was he wrong.

I’m a monster now.

The only reason I didn’t show my teeth was because I thought he could be my friend.

But, monsters don’t have friends.

I’ve known that for quite some time.


I was hoping we were equal in the pain and suffering we caused.

Maybe, we had inflicted enough kindness and received hurt in return.

We were adversaries at the same level.

It looks like I won.

All everyone can do is run away.


Before I catch up to you.

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