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Taylor Swift & PJs

A recording of my Taylor Swift setlist I did a special performance with. Join me as I sip coffee, have breakfast and play some Taylor Swift in my room.

Taylor Swift & PJs - "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift, Covered by Courtney Marie


Taylor Swift & PJs- Intro & "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift

I woke up, took a walk, and decided to record myself playing my Taylor Swift setlist, since I couldn't record myself at the event I played. I also haven't had a chance to get a good recording of my normal setlist, since my phone is so short on storage. I'm trying to resolve that. I had to record in pieces to help with storage and stuff. It might take me a while to post everything. But, I am also going to post as I go so I can delete and create space as I go. Stay tuned for more!


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