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Taylor Swift Night @ Lockwood Distilling w/ Courtney Marie - Audio Only


Performed at Lockwood Distilling Co. in Richardson, TX on March 3rd, 2024. Courtney Marie played about 3 hours of Taylor Swift for fans who enjoyed cookie decorating, friendship bracelets, special food and drinks.

WARNING: You will hear people over me, dogs, kids, etc. There was a lot going on, and I had to have the camera away from me. And I also still have a lot of editing to do. Also there wasn't as much of an order to songs, since there were a lot of requests. This literally just a camera set up while I performed the event. Mistakes, fun parts, chants and all.

Hey everyone, so because I'm tight on time, I'm going to post all the audio clips from Taylor Swift night first. I have to heavily edit out faces and such from the original video, which is going to take some time. So in the meantime, enjoy listening. We did repeat songs since not everyone could be there the entire time, so there are multiples, and there are songs I had planned that I didn't get to do. I will post a "Taylor Swift and PJs" series for the new/updated songs I performed when I have some time, and when I'm done editing the full videos. I will also be posting individual songs, along with separate sets.

Let me know if you'd like more Taylor from me, or any other songs. Also if you'd like to support me, I'll include a link to my Venmo Virtual Tip Jar and my socials. Thanks for listening!

Set 1 - 00:35

1. Miss Americana and the Heart Break Prince 00:50

2. Enchanted 8:29

3. Look What You Made Me Do 14:58

4. Speak Now 19:44

5. Bad Blood/ Should've Said No 26:24

6. You Being With Me 35:31

7. Blank Space 40:30

8. Cruel Summer 45:45

9. Style 49:29

10. Gorgeous 53:53

11. I Did Something Bad 58:17

12. Our Song 1:03:54

13. Betty 1:07:36

14. August 1:13:44

15. State of Grace/ Red 1:16:50

16. Our Song Repeat 1:24:48

17. Anti-Hero 1:35:30

18. Wildest Dreams 1:44:23

19. Shake It Off 1:48:46

20. We Are Never Getting Back Together 1:52:01

21. Bad Blood Repeat 1:57:55

22. This Is Me Trying/ Illicit Affairs 2:02:04

23. Love Story 2:05:48

Set 2- 2:13:00

24. Out of the Woods 2:15:50

25. Delicate 2:21:57

26. Cruel Summer Repeat 2:26:33

27. Bejeweled 2:30:15 --Camera got knocked down so the audio cuts out a bit--

28. The Man 2:35:23

29. Sparks Fly 2:39:47

30. Fearless 2:44:32

31. You Belong With Me 2:50:10

32. Fifteen 2:55:13

33. Teardrops On My Guitar 3:01:17

34. All Too Well 3:05:37

35. New Year's Day/ Long Live 3:11:11

Contact for Booking:

Instagram: @courtneymariebabe

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