Some Dream Journal Entries

Below I edited a few of my dream journal entries to make them coherent to the outside world. These are some dreams that I have had, and taken note of on my phone. This is not all of them, but some I thought were pretty interesting.

All the entries are very vague and scattered, but that is how most dreams happen anyway. I was in a hurry trying to recall everything. I will try to add as much detail as I can.

Names have been changed for my privacy and the fact that I don’t want other people to know who has been in my dreams. I am not very creative with names so I may repeat the name. I don’t keep dates, or keep them in order of occurrence, so when I had these dreams are a complete mystery.

Please feel free to comment with any weird dreams you've had. I would love to hear them!


1) Homecoming

I am with the volleyball girls and we are getting ready for homecoming. We are getting our hair done. Mine is straight and curly at the ends. I wear a bump that sets my tiara. When we get back to my house I take off. I walk by the clearing and help some people. When I approach my house again, Ash is at my front door asking for me. I tell him to walk with me. He asks if we should go to homecoming together, and I say sure but we would only go as friends. Then I say it doesn’t matter. This is a dream. You missed your chance and we haven’t spoken in years. He apologizes and says he’ll still help me find a dress. I wear a purple dress that has lace flowers and stuff. Kind of like a dress Taylor Swift would wear.

2) Going on a date.

I am dating Aiden and he comes over to pick me up. He drives his white truck. The one with a tan interior. I wear a denim romper that has off the shoulder sleeves, my brown wedges, and hoop earrings. My hair is curly and I am wearing mascara and a bit of concealer. I run downstairs without putting my shoes on and we leave. That’s all I remember.

3) Dancing while everyone watches.

I’m back in high school bonding with the volleyball girls. We are hanging out with all the other sports teams. People from the Football, Basketball, and Baseball teams are there with us. We are all in the arena for a pep rally, when “Give Yourself A Try” by the 1975 comes on the speakers. I’m the only one who knows it and I jam in front of everyone. I am on the floor and I have a mic. I am singing and performing in front of everyone.

4) Casey Force, my spy alter ego.

Dream in which I am in NYC as Casey Force. I am working to find a spy hired by Russia in the city. I am wearing sunglasses, black jeans, a band t-shirt, and my combat boots. I team up with a group at this mall and find my spy. Could I muster up the courage to off him? I woke up before I could find out.

5) Luke's never gonna happen.

I am sitting with my back against Sammy on a couch. I am looking for a guy. We are at some kind of party. Many approach me. Matty sticks around for quite some time. James and Casey approach, and a bunch of people I know. I give up and go to get a drink. A woman comes up to me. It’s Luke’s mom. She asks, “Have you given up on my Luke?” I reply saying something like it would be a slim chance if I ever meet him in person, so I might as well settle. She tells me to not give up on him.

6) Five Night's at Chuck E.'s

I am back working at Chuck E. Cheese, and I am cleaning out the sky tubes. It is late at night, back when we would close at 11 pm on Saturdays. I am alone, except for the few people left to close the store with me. Suddenly, I hear something moving outside the playground. I see strange things walking around. Something gets in the sky tubes with me, and it didn’t sound human. I make my way as quickly, and quietly, as I can to the slide without getting caught. I slide down and make a run for the fridge. It has a lock on the inside and I can turn the lights off. I wait out the animatronics and make a break for the front door. I run down the street trying to get home. There are no cars and no people. I turn around to see if there’s anything behind me. I see the Chuck E. Cheese characters are chasing after me Five Nights at Freddy's style. I woke up while running away.

7) High School Romance

I am back at LHS playing fastball with the volleyball team and some boys. There is only one boy there that I care about... Aiden. He’s there. I can’t see him but I know he’s there. I want to do everything in my power to get to him, to see his face. We play and finish, but I still don’t see him. After I get out of the locker room I run to the choir room, because I am late. Locked out, I decide to wander the school. As I walk through the library I stop. I see Aiden outside waiting for something. I run outside in the pouring rain to stop Aiden from leaving. I ask him who he is waiting for, he stalls. He doesn’t admit who, but I hope it’s me. I give him my umbrella and tell him if he needs anything to let me know. If he asked me to do anything, I would do it. He then stops me from leaving, drops the umbrella and pulls me close. He tells me it was me he was waiting for, and pulls me close. Then I woke up.

8) Aimlessly catching up with people.

Dream where I am walking down the street with my family. I turn around and among the large group of people I’m in, there’s Tommy with two girls. He says, “Hey, long time no see.” I give him a snarky comment. He then introduces his girlfriend and his sister. Katie then proceeds to tell me that she’s heard lots about me and what those things are. Somehow we end up at this art and music convention. Mark and Amy are there for some reason and they tell me about their expected baby. Tommy gets into a fight with his girlfriend about me. He realized he still had feelings for me. During the concert, I am alone and think about everything. I hook up with Luke and fall for him. Tommy then asks me to make a choice. Everything after that is a blank.

9) Trip to the zoo?

I was walking through an aquarium that was styled like an animal rescue and multiple zoos and aquariums that I have been to. I am alone, because my mom and sister went to do something, and I wanted to linger and watch the fish. I meet up with them at some place where you can touch and learn about the different marine life from their trainers. I don’t remember anything else, besides looking at different tanks with different reefs and fish.

10) Music Video

I am walking through a mirror maze while the 1975’s “Give Yourself A Try” is playing on a loop. The band appears in all the mirrors and I am trying to find them. I keep running in and out of portals, but I always end up in a room with mirrors. No matter what I do everyone is scattered and I can’t get to them. It’s me and the band.  We are all walking and listening to the song. There are no desperate or helpless feelings of getting out. It was more traveling to see where the mirrors would take me.

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