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I have vivid dreams when I sleep.

There are so many faces and places.

I remember them all.

Some are good and some are bad.

My dream world is very unique.

Once a place has taken home, it seldom changes.

I have been to places in my mind before I actually go to them.

Things happen.

Things that haven’t happened yet.

I dreamt of my child and the person I was going to marry.

I can never get a clear picture of them, but I know who they are.

I have had dreams that warn me about the future.

For example, I had a series of dreams in which I died.

This signifies that a major change will happen in my life.

A couple of major changes did happen.

I have also had a sense of deja vu.

I have been somewhere and knew I did this in a dream.

I have also met people in my dreams and then ran into them in real life.

I am not sure why it happens.

To solve the problem, I began analyzing my dreams.

I wrote them in a journal and then tried to make sense of them.

More often than not, I come to a conclusion that seems plausible.

I don’t understand it.

Some of my dreams terrify me.

I’ll wake up sweating and unable to fall back asleep.

I can almost feel the pain I go through.

I have even woken up in a sudden panic.

For now, I'll enjoy my sleep.

I have a lot of peaceful dreams.

The nightmares are few and far between.

I hope it stays that way.

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