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Seconds of Insanity

All you need is a few seconds of insanity to do the impossible. Well, what you thought was impossible. Decide yes, or no, in an instant. Split-second decisions have made history. Good or bad, these decisions choose the path you follow. Even the smallest decision can lead to something amazing.

I was standing in front of a grand piano. There is an overwhelming curiosity to touch the smooth surface. The cold ivories tempt me. What would it sound like if I touched one? Slowly, I reach out my arms and run my fingers over the top. I was too afraid to press down. What would people think? If I made a loud noise, people were bound to look my way. It would be inappropriate to show my interest in something.

I shake my head, and with a little force I press down. A slew of notes fill my ears. It’s a painful sound. I must have pressed too many at the same time. Nobody seems to care. I am curious about what the music would sound like. I’ve heard a piano before, but I have never seen one played.

A woman approaches the bench. I back away. She is feeble and needs help walking. Her fragile frame shakes into the seat as her fingers start to hover over the keys. She begins playing. Making no mistakes, she gracefully turns out a melancholy tune. It sounds beautiful. The sounds make me want to dance.

“I want to do that one day.”

This thought echos in my head. I want to make someone feel the way I do. In time I will figure out a way.

I find myself at school during our lunch period. I hate lunchtime. You are forced to socialize in front of a crowd. I tried it a couple times, but decided I didn’t enjoy it. Instead, I would find myself in the choir practice rooms alone. It felt peaceful sitting in the silence. I munched on what I called lunch. If I dare to eat some real food, I could gain five pounds. Getting into my volleyball jersey is hard enough as it is. A piano sits in front of me, but I am careful. I avoid touching the surface.

I lift off the cover and stare at the keys. No one would know if I played. The piano sits in a distant room. However, I don’t have the knowledge to play anything significant. I close the lid and watch videos about playing the instrument. I try to figure out the basics. One day, I want to be able to play my favorite song.

I gather information and pluck at the keys every chance I get. Determination fuels me. I play measures of a song over and over until I can get it right. I would rather make my mind numb with music, than face the crowd beating outside my door. Then it happens. A second passes by, and it’s as if everything clicks into place. I started to play one of my favorite songs.

I can hear the notes played in the correct order. Once I got comfortable, I began singing with the song. It all sounds beautiful. I want to dance around and cry. All the practice and sacrifices I had to make paid off. I decided that I wanted to write songs and compose music.

Years have passed, now. I even taught myself to play guitar. It’s amazing what you can decide in seconds. One moment can have such an impact on your life. 

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