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Releasing the "I Had Too Much Fun" Demo

This demo is a collection of drafts that I had created on garage band around the time I was making "The Worst So Far." So, I decided to release these drafts and let the world have them. I'm not going to do anything with them, so I figured it's something to throw out there. I'm looking forward to moving past this stage in my writing and record new songs and enter a new era in my songwriting career.

Track List

  1. Alone on a Plane- Demo

  2. The Boat Song- Demo

  3. Broken- Demo

  4. I'm Not OK- Demo

  5. Lonely Road- Demo

  6. An Experiment- Demo

  7. One Big Ride- Track w/ Some Lyrics

  8. Plan B- Track Only

  9. Untitled Track- Track Only

Hope you enjoy!

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