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New Website Announcement Feat. Some Fan Art

Posted the following on my old blog.

This past couple of months I have been playing at a country club here in DFW. I'm super excited to OFFICIALLY begin my music pursuit. It's been a long time coming. With that comes some changes.

  1. I have a new website. It's my own. I have my own domain and all my music on it. I will still post here occasionally, but you can also become a member on my website and keep up with my blog posts. I even have forums that you can participate in to get to know me and people who share common interests. Feel free to post whatever and visit me often! Here is the link:

  2. I'm releasing an acoustic album... soon. I'm hoping to release it on my birthday, but some other factors will play into this. I will be releasing it all on SoundCloud and YouTube first, then eventually on other streaming services.

  3. Finally, MORE GIGS. It's kind of hard for people to see me at a country club. This was a great opportunity to get used to performing in front of people. Especially since I'm still pretty new to the guitar. As more places are opening up, it is becoming easier for me to try and find other gigs. It's also equally as nerve-racking. WISH ME LUCK! I hope to see you all soon.

Bonus: I was performing last Friday, and a little girl left this piece of fan art in my tip jar. I just about burst into tears during my break when I found it. No amount of words and emotions can describe how happy it makes me feel. I am currently keeping it in my guitar case until I can get it framed.


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