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"Nevermind" by Valley - Guitar Tutorial w/ Courtney Marie


I recorded this since a commenter asked me to do a tutorial. I’m not the best teacher but I hope this helps! I’m self taught, so if I use any techniques etc. aren’t what you’re used to feel free to adjust the song to how you’d like to play it comfortably. Make the song yours. This is just how I play it. I’ll link some awesome guitar tutorial instructors I typically use below.

Easy Chords (Transposed 1 step down)

3rd or 4th fret to bring closer to ideal key

Verse & Chorus: G D Em C

Bridge: Em C G D

No Capo Chords (Transposed 3 half steps up)

Verse Chorus: C G Am F

Bridge: Am F C G

Strumming Patterns

Verse & Pre-Chorus: Muted D Strokes w/ Emphasis on every other strum

Chorus: DU Hit D Hit Last C Slaps Bridge: D D DU

Interlude from bridge: One Down Stroke w/ Last C Slaps

Check out Valley the OG artists!

My Teachers:

My Performances of Nevermind

Practice Session-

Performance in Sept. 2022 (Started slowing it down but experimented with it all kinds of paces)-

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