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My First Memory

It has always fascinated me the way memories and life work in tandem. It is like everything before this memory is black and then my consciousness was thrust into existence at this moment. Because, even now, I remember this moment and bits and pieces after it.

It was like at this moment I opened my eyes for the first time.

All I remember is running up to the swing set at the park in front of my neighborhood. I was with my mom, and someone was in my swing. I remember being upset because I was the type of child who didn’t like it when people were in my spot. I still hate it when people take my spot.

I can only assume I was a toddler because it was before my sister was born. I remember all of that. I think I might have been one or two. I remember being three.

I always thought the whole idea of this being my first memory kind of comical. I spent all my childhood walking around the neighborhood and going to that park. I still sit in the same swing I fought for when I was a child.

Hope you enjoyed this recollection of my childhood.

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