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Just Another Day

It is 2:16pm and I am writing this.

I have no idea what it's about.

I am sitting in a classroom with my best friend.

I want the day to be over.

I made a fortune teller and doodled on the pages of my notebook.

I finished a song, a short story, and my homework.

When I get home, I’ll have some chores to do.

In reality, I’ll probably take a nap.

I have a lot on my mind at the moment.

Does the guy on the baseball team like me?

Do my friends want the best for me?

I liked that movie I watched the other night.

Either way, these thoughts won’t matter.

Years from now these people won't exist to me.

Junior year is only temporary.

Once I graduate, I can forget everything that's happened.

I finished reading two books I bought yesterday.

I hadn’t had a full meal in a couple days.

I messed around with my contacts and put them back in.

Being able to see is a must.

I picked at my split ends and the massive knot in my hair.

I'm almost done with the day.

Since I don’t have practice tonight, it will be chill.

I'll drive home with the windows down.

My blue Honda Civic has the perfect sunroof.

Sometimes I stick my hands out of the top.

I'll blast some All Time Low or some other emo band.

I’ll look at all the things I was supposed to do.

They would have to wait another day.

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