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There are just so many to choose from. So many colors and sizes. Wild or Store-Bought? I prefer wildflowers.

Dandelions are weeds. But they look so pretty with their yellow, bright colors. You can make wishes on some of them. Anytime I pass one, I pick it up and make a wish.

Bluebonnets are the state flower. People trample them when the finally peek out for spring. They are bright and turn the ground purple. Anytime I pass them, I can’t help but lay in them.

Trees are often overlooked. They have so many colors on them, and people don’t even notice. Their leaves, the bark, growths. Anytime I pass one I want to climb it, and breath in its fresh air.

Clovers vary in shape and size. They could be a flower or leaves. If you find a clover with four leaves, it is considered good luck. Anytime I pass a patch, I’ll look through for a sign of hope.

Flowers are simple. People love to pick and prod them. Did you know flowers die from our touch? Oils kill the petals.

Flowers are so fragile. One squeeze and they fall apart. I often get told I am a flower. People say I’m a sunflower.

Sunflowers can grow wild. On the side of highways, and in fields. They are brown and yellow. Pretty, but boring in color.

I prefer flowers. They can travel where they want. They can grow and never be bothered. People kill them slowly.

I can relate.

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