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“Dynamite" by BTS Performed by Courtney Marie in my Room


Okay, so I can’t get away with singing too many of BTS’s songs. I have to make do with the big English hits, even if I don’t like them as much as some of their other works. I mean, it just wouldn’t be as fun to hear a translated version of “FAKE LOVE” or me attempt to rap in Korean to “Silver Spoons (밥새).” Though sometimes I do sneak some extra ones. That being said, I do still jam to this song when I play it. I’ve had wild ARMYs come up to me and jam, or even pretend to have ARMY Bombs doing chants. It’s fun to connect with them in person or even get a secret finger-heart from a mommy ARMY while she is walking by with her kids. I can’t wait to see what creative things the boys do, or if they go on tour. I’ve been an ARMY since a little before they came out with “Map of the Soul: Persona.” “Black Swan” was a masterpiece performance-wise and musically. I hope to someday have the musical talent and performance abilities they do. I 100% respect them and suggest checking them out as they have all kinds of variety in their work, not just pop.

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