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Cover of “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers - Vocals Only


Title: Cover of “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers - Vocals Only

Favorite Line:

“Mama, I am that rich man.”

Why I like It:

I first heard this song, like most of the world after watching Lisa’s dance film. I loved the concept of the song and the dance. I hope to learn it soon. The song is amazing and has clever lyrics. I mean, come one, “I am that rich man.” That is genius. I know, I’d rather make my own money than rely on someone. I wouldn’t want to live in anyone’s shadow. I’d want to provide for myself. I've always struggled to ask for help financially, especially since I decided to throw away my Bachelor's Degree to work on music. There’s already been someone who tried to play me. I’ve had to be that person that demands to be paid and bombards someone until they pay up for my services. Cause, I am a rich man.

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Comment Topic:

Have you ever had to put your bad b---- pants on?






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