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Cover of “Sweet Night” by V of BTS


Favorite Line:

“Sharing my fragile truth that I still hope the door is open.”

Why I Like it:

I get a literal picture when I listen to this song. It’s a gorgeous piece, and Itaewon Class was an amazing show. I cried while watching it. However, there was this one time I was eating at an empty restaurant on the beach with my Dad. The island was pretty empty, as it was October in Florida. We sat and watched these two ocean liners sailing in the distance while we ate. It was nighttime, so all we could see were their lights. We stayed until their lights faded into the darkness. It was peaceful. I can picture this memory perfectly when I hear the song. A person doesn't come to mind, but this memory does. It was a fleeting peaceful moment for me.

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Comment Topic:

Do you have a strange memory that comes to mind when you hear pretty songs like this one?





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