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Cover of “Somebody Else” by the 1975


Favorite Line:

“I can’t give you my love because I’m never alone.”

Why I Like It:

This song comes with the image from a bad place in my life. It was 3am, and I was spending the weekend home alone. I couldn’t sleep, which happened a lot. I would wake up, and I couldn’t sleep no matter how tired I was. I got in my car and drove around my town. I live in the suburbs, so there was a small amount of traffic, and there were lights to look at. I had my windows down, and the air was crisp. I had this album blasting. I was silently crying to it. I know it’s a cringy/depressing picture, but unfortunately, it happened. I’m okay now.

Image Used:

Comment Topic:

When did you realize your (ex) person had found somebody else?





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