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Cover of “My Time” by BTS (Jungkook’s Solo) (English Translation)


Title: Cover of “My Time” by BTS (Jungkook’s Solo) (English Translation)

Favorite Line:

“때론 나의 숨 막힐 때면 모잘 눌러쓰고 계속 달려”

Why I Like It:

This is my favorite solo song that Jungkook has released. I think it’s because I can relate to it. I spent much of my youth involved in school and sports. I was living for other people and not myself. I only recently started living for myself. In that sense, I can understand the feeling of having your youth stolen for you. However, ever since the MOTS: ONE performance, I can only picture him dancing all sexy to the song. I woke up and saw everyone freaking out about the performance. I sneak this English translation into all of my sets. It comforts me when I feel nervous while performing.

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Comment Topic:

Have you ever felt like you lost your childhood too early?





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