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Cover of “Is There Somewhere” by Halsey


Title: Cover of “Is There Somewhere” by Halsey

Favorite Line:

“You’re writing lines about me. Romantic poetry.”

Why I Like It:

Not going to lie, I really felt the song this time. I almost burst into tears and you hear me mess up during the “seconds not the same.” I decided to just keep that recording, because mess ups are genuine. They happen. Nobody records perfect, and if they do, it’s manufactured. It’s why I love the rock/alternative scene.

Took this from my other video:

This is one of my favorite Halsey songs. I love the imagery she used. Halsey always has this poetic way of conveying simple thoughts, like the idea of someone writing a song about her. She has some of the best lyrics out there. Can’t lie, I have a slight girl crush on her. She is amazing!

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