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Cover of “Ghost” by Mayday Parade


Favorite Line:

“Let it go, all the little things, you know I do.”

Why I Like It:

I went through my “emo/scene” phase a little late. My junior and senior years of high school were spent rediscovering my inner cringe. But, if I’m being honest, alternative music is one of my favorites. When I'm not jamming to k-pop or Taylor Swift, I’m blasting things like State Champs, All Time Low, Cage the Elephant, The Band Camino, and more. Mayday Parade is one of my all-time favorites. I got to see them once on Warped Tour and when I went to Sad Summer Music Fest in 2019. They are always amazing. I also picked up a guy once because he had their merch on. (Note: No further moves were made after texting him because I’m awkward. lol) I even performed “Miserable at Best” at a Talent Show once. *sighs from basicness*

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Comment Topic:

What’s your favorite group/band to listen to?





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