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Cover of “Eight” by IU (Prod. by SUGA of BTS) (English Translation)


Title: Cover of “Eight” by IU (Prod. by SUGA of BTS) (English Translation)

Favorite Line:

“아름다웠던 그 기억에서 만나.”

“Meet me in those beautiful memories.”

Why I Like It:

This song reminds me of a song that would be in an Anime montage. Do you know when the characters do something exciting and fun? That scene. I did my best to translate it, and I wasn’t even about to try Suga’s rap. It’s just a nice song I play when I need to fill extra time in my sets. It’s easy to play and simple. Though, Suga can play it better than me. *sighs* I love all of his work, and IU has such a pretty voice. The acoustic version she does soothe my ears.

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What’s your favorite Anime song?





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