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Cover of “Call Me Baby” by Beach Bunny


Title: Cover of “Call Me Baby” by Beach Bunny

Favorite Line:

“Wish you’d hold me instead of putting me on hold.”

Why I Like It:

This is a nice song to listen to. I feel like it has a lot of emotions that people my age would feel. I knew there were sometimes when people call or hang out with me just because I was the only one who would answer. I dropped a lot of those friends. I’m awful at talking with people, though. I don’t like texting all the time. Throw that with a relationship, and it’s not good. That’s why I’m hoping I find someone who wants me there in person. Or, I need someone who calls/texts me first all the time. I’m trying to get better about it. But, this song is good.

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Comment Topic:

If you could call anyone right now, who would it be?





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