“Biased” by Serena's Daydream


“Biased” by Serena's Daydream

Write Date: August 2021

Some Background:

Previously- This past month I’ve been busy taking a class on songwriting with some basics in production. I created three different songs, that are basically rough demos. I decided that since the class is over I would post them! Check out the other songs I did called, “Moment” and “Among Us.”

This was the last song I worked out. I wanted to experiment with something SUPER out of my comfort zone. I don’t do cutesy well, and thought I’d give it a try. The things I write aren’t so happy and boppy, and my voice doesn’t really fit the vibe. But, I did my best! I was super inspired by BTS, as I have been a big fan of theirs. My mom is a new ARMY, and I recently ran into a couple of other K-Pop stans while performing at my local mall. This song was inspired by them and by my love of the boys. It was a total coincidence that I took this class, but the timing worked out. Even though it still needs a lot of work, I’m happy to dedicate it to ARMY and the boys. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JK!)

The class was a meaningful experience for me. I learned a lot about bettering my songwriting and basics in music production. I still need a lot of work on the production side, and I’m hoping to learn more in the future. I think you can tell just how far I came in a month with these songs. I’m happy with the work. We will see if I ever come back to them.


Hey, I’ve been feeling fancy since you landed in my brain.

Not even sure what makes me feel this way.

Thinking up plans of how we can run away.

You got me running. True.

Don’t know why it’s you ‘cause you’re one of a kind.

But, maybe I’m biased

I’m biased.

Always on my mind.

All the time.

I’m biased.

Handsome or rich

But no, thanks, next.

I’m biased.


Turns out I’m biased.

Okay. Feeling like a stray running in the rain.

Then you came around, changed how I see me.

My new obsession got me thinking differently.

So, why don’t you go

Cause I know you’re not just money or a show.

I’m biased.

Always on my mind.

All the time.

I’m biased.

Could have everything or be rich.

But no, thanks, next.

I’m biased.


Turns out I’m…

So, obsessed with you.

Couldn’t guess I’d know

I don’t want you unless you’re in BTS.

I’m biased.

Always on my mind.

All the time.

I’m biased.

Could have everything or be rich.

But no, thanks, next.

I’m biased.

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Those are my Kooky ears! ;o

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