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Bad Weather

Bad Weather - The weather outside is cold and rainy. Most people would be upset about it. I find comfort in this type of atmosphere. It allows me to continue with ease. I can cover up in public, and no one will judge me. When I drive, I drive slow and cruise. People think I’m being careful, or they think I’m an asshole. I spend what time I can at home. The best bad weather days are weekends. I lay in bed and watch something that will cheer me up. Sometimes I feel up to playing video games. Other times, I grab a book and some warm tea. A walk in the cold, foggy night would disturb others. I find it serene. I picture people dancing in the rain. They run under the cover of a building and smile. In the spotlights, they stop and look at each other. They walk in time. I splash in the puddles. I stomp through the mud. My shoes are cold and wet. My feet are chilled to the bone. My cheeks flush a bright red. A smile spreads across my face. Once I am back home, I will take a hot shower. I change into a t-shirt and shorts. I climb into bed and stack all my blankets on top of me. I flip on some funny videos. Then, I fall asleep. It’s too cold to stick a limb out of the blanket. I cover my head and hope for a new rainy day. Unfortunately, the sun is shining again. It’s not all bad, but now I have to go outside. Now, I'm forced to enjoy the weather. -

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