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Hello everyone! Here are some announcements:


I'm sending out a lot of booking emails today to work out the rest of my year. If there is a place you think I should play, tag them in the comments. Even if I've already played there. It helps me and they know if I should come back. I'll reach out to them as soon as I can! I'm also open to private bookings, so email me or DM me if you'd like to work something out.

Taylor Swift Recordings

The Taylor Swift performance didn't get recorded because there were so many people, I couldn't find a good place to put my camera. So, I'll be sitting down next week to film myself playing the set and even doing bonus songs. Much like I did a couple of months ago, just a quick(ish) performance. If you'd like to see me do this kind of performance again, let me know. I can try to set this up somewhere. Whether we do it at Clink again, or somewhere else.

OCTOBER 7TH- Birthday Gig

I'll be at the Bull Lion Ranch in Grapevine, TX. This will be my glorious return from my mini-tour. And... MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. On Oct. 4th (while I'm still out of town) I turn 27. Yes... 27. (Insert clip from Pride and Prejudice). So, on my arrival back to Texas, I'll be playing a gig, and celebrating my birthday. Come out if you can. I'll make a special announcement for that.

Thanks everyone for all your support! I had my 3rd anniversary as a musician earlier this month, and it has been such an amazing experience thus far. I've been so happy doing something I love. I've been booked and busy, just as I like to see my schedule. I can't tell you how humbling it has been to play all these places, meet so many people, and just sing. No matter how tired, or stressed I get, talking to you guys and seeing your faces at performances make me so excited! This was very long-winded, but I wanted to inform everyone about these things and keep y'all in the loop of what's going on behind the scenes.

Again, let me know if there is anything you want to see from me. Whether it's performance related, or if you'd like more videos/ updates like this. I'm always happy to connect with y'all and chat.

Thanks again for being my rocks!


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