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Acoustic Cover of “Change” by Taylor Swift


Title: Acoustic Cover of “Change” by Taylor Swift

Favorite Line:

“Something in your eyes says we can beat this.”

Why I like It:

I said I was covering "Fearless” songs to honor the queen herself, and I spoke the truth. I have so much to say for this song. But, I’m just going to tell a story. I had terrible stage fright and was very insecure. (Lol I still am.) In my 7th grade year, I had gone through a lot. However, I decided to participate in the talent show at the end of the year. I put on a tough face. I pretended I wasn’t scared. I was going to be singing in front of my ENTIRE school (had to be at least 1,000 kids). I sang this song and killed it. I remember my favorite coach at the time and my friends waving their hands and cheering for me. My crush's mom was there and hugged me after. I even had my own small club follow me around for a week. (They even approached me, while I was alone with another crush, trying to talk to him.) Ugh, middle school was a different time. I don’t miss it. Anyways, singing this song made me realize how much I LOVE singing and connecting with people. It was one of many influencing factors in my wanting to have a career in music. I cry thinking about the sad, fat, insecure me in middle school. If only she would know that we are trying now, and how far we’ve come. I’d want to tell her to keep going and don’t give up. Even a small artist makes one person smile a day. Even if I’m the only one smiling.

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What’s something you want to change?





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