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A Small Song

I'm under attack.

Not by enemies over waters.

I mean those scary closet monsters.

The ones that reach out when I'm going to sleep.

They wake me up from peaceful dreams.

No doctor, no theorist can figure it out.

They look so normal walking around.

Those creepy beasts are the hardest to find.

Because they look just like you, and I.

So think of your darkest scariest dream.

I see it, though, I'm not sleeping.

I know you struggle, they're after you too.

No one cares, they can't hear you.

They are running from their own demons.

They only hurt you, when you're down.

It's nothing personal, when they cause the damage.

It's way better than kindness which is harder to manage.

I'd look through rose glasses, but I can't afford them.

The pied piper calls, I must follow him.

I owe always owe something to him.

You can come too, you'll be free of demons.

They will scream and shout, it may hurt a lot.

Letting go of things you forgot.

So, when you hear them call out for you.

Come to me I'll be there too.

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