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A Dream Entry

I am back working at Chuck E. Cheese, and I am cleaning out the sky tubes. It is late at night, back when we would close at 11 pm on Saturdays. I am alone, except for the few people left to close the store with me. Suddenly, I hear something moving outside the playground. I see strange things walking around. Something gets in the sky tubes with me, and it didn’t sound human. I make my way as quickly, and quietly, as I can to the slide without getting caught. I slide down and make a run for the fridge. It has a lock on the inside and I can turn the lights off. I wait out the animatronics and make a break for the front door. I run down the street trying to get home. There are no cars and no people. I turn around to see if there’s anything behind me. I see the Chuck E. Cheese characters are chasing after me Five Nights at Freddy's style. I woke up while running away.

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