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A Dream Entry

I am back at LHS playing fastball with the volleyball team and some boys. There is only one boy there that I care about... Aiden. He’s there. I can’t see him but I know he’s there. I want to do everything in my power to get to him, to see his face. We play and finish, but I still don’t see him. After I get out of the locker room I run to the choir room, because I am late. Locked out, I decide to wander the school. As I walk through the library I stop. I see Aiden outside waiting for something. I run outside in the pouring rain to stop Aiden from leaving. I ask him who he is waiting for, he stalls. He doesn’t admit who, but I hope it’s me. I give him my umbrella and tell him if he needs anything to let me know. If he asked me to do anything, I would do it. He then stops me from leaving, drops the umbrella and pulls me close. He tells me it was me he was waiting for, and pulls me close. Then I woke up.

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