A Dream Entry


I had a dream I was at this house. It had two stories, a porch all the way around it, and it was painted a light blue. There was a pool/hot tub in the backyard, a sand volleyball court, and it overlooked a valley. I was there with all my family. When you walked into the house, there was a den to the left, a staircase in the middle, and a dining room on the right. On the other side of a will you could see the rest of the den which led into a sun-room filled with musical instruments. The dining room led into the kitchen, and both of these rooms connected to a living room. There were two bedrooms down the hall, and upstairs there were two more, and a game room. I had a blue heeler mix named Lizzie, a black cat named Luna, and an orange tabby named Oliver. We were having some sort of BBQ get-together at my place. I remember swimming in the pool with my dog. I was teaching her to swim and to jump into wagons, so that she could be pushed around. The cats stayed inside and snuggled on the couch with the guys who were watching football. I remember walking around and taking in the scenery, and playing with my dog and some children.

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